Behemoth Black Hole

In 2016, a supermassive black hole is found which was observed having a weight of 17 billion suns. This supersized black hole is found at the center of an elliptical galaxy named, NGC 1600. This galaxy is located in cosmic backwater which is a small cluster of approximately 20 galaxies. There are more than 50 such small groups besides the coma cluster. Scientists at NASA believe that this discovery of such a massive black hole could mean that there might be more such or even greater black holes waiting to be discovered out there in space.

It was also observed that the mass of this black hole was 10 times greater than the estimated mass of an expected black hole for a galaxy of a small mass. It was previously thought that the mass of the central stars of a galaxy and the amount of stars at the center would reveal the mass of the black hole in it. The more the stars of the galaxy, the more the mass of the black hole. But in case of NGC 1600, the mass of the giant black hole is far greater than the central bulge of the galaxy.

Constellation Eridanus (Black hole)Researchers have also found a black hole which is 200 million light years away from the earth, in the constellation Eridanus. The explanation given for the gigantic black hole is that probably when the two galaxies merged, their corresponding black holes started to orbit each other and strong gravitational pull of both the black holes forced them to merged together to form an even larger black hole.

The stars are circling around this black hole with tremendous velocities. It is the velocity that has revealed the strength of this black hole. Most of the stars just circle close to the black hole without making any direct encounter with it. NGC-1600 did not contain enough star bulge at the center and has little chance of survival for the twin black holes that are merged together would soon eat up all the massive stars within the galaxy.

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