The Origin of Our solar system

As we discussed previously how our universe and the galaxies in it were formed. Now we shall discuss the origin of our solar system. As life gives birth to life so does stars destroy to form new stars forming an infinite cycle of birth, re-birth and destruction.

Initial Clouds

Scientists have focused on small objects in space called the asteroids that serve as the building blocks of planets. Initially within the galaxies were vast clouds of hydrogen, helium and dust particles. There were vast collisions caused by hot stars called supernova which destroyed itself by burning its fuel very quickly. Due to such immense explosion the cloud de-stabilized and started to breakdown.

Formation of Asteroids

Asteroid FormationOver the course of a hundred thousand years, gravity and angular momentum turned that scattered cloud mass into a form of a flattened disc. Due to incredible pressure initial proto stars were formed. Into the depths of the dust clouds there were clumps of molten rocks which becomes the building blocks of the solar system. These rocks combine together into clumps to form asteroids. Asteroids are made up of rock, metal, ice and organic materials. The proto star endures fusion and flare up revealing the sun of our solar system.

Formation of a Planet

According to one of the theory, proto planet is shattered by some collision from one of the rocks. Some of the leftover mass which is termed as debris combines together to form new comparatively smaller mass. When these asteroids gets big enough their gravitational force becomes stronger, pulling more matter into it as it orbits around planets. It leaves off some of its mass and gathers some from the planet while it passes through their orbit readjusting its trajectory according to the path of each planet.

When the proto planet becomes large enough, soon it starts to pull in the nebular gas and due to immense gravitational pull towards gas it becomes a gas giant. At this stage the planets are in the solid form or in the form of proto planets or gas giants. These proto planets collide with each other and become more and more gigantic and later on turns into planets which are stable and heavily modified.


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