Europa: Life supportive moon of Jupiter

Europa, Jupiter’s one of the confirmed moons has been recently revealed to have life supporting conditions. Its surface is made up of ice and underneath it has water which is more than the amount of water on Earth. The water surface is hidden behind a shield of radiation which proves that it is one of the best surface for hosting alien life.

Life Supportive Elements

Europa contains all the necessary elements that are essential for supporting life like, water, organic chemicals, energy from radiation and oxygen. Scientists have remained interested in this moon for long due to its life- supporting quality. As Europa moves around Jupiter, the planet bends and generates interior heat that prevents the planet’s water from freezing. There could also be active volcanoes beneath the surface of the moon, which help to keep the water from freezing to ice unlike its surface.

Surface Lakes

It is possible for a space probe to penetrate the surface of the moon’s icy-crust into the ocean underneath. This would be helpful for further investigation of the moon and it’s capability for hosting life. There is also some energy in the surface lakes of the moon which melts the ice. It is a natural phenomenon observed on earth that the lakes that are formed from the molten ice remains for thousands of years and this is applicable for the melting process of ice by the energy bubbles from deep within the moon.

Water Vapor Geyser

Scientist have also found another life supportive element which is the geyser of water vapors at the satellite’s southern hemisphere. In this way the eruption of water vapors can aid the passing probe to sample the surface of the moon without landing.

Europa is considered to be a favorable moon for the survival of life. Missions have been arranged by NASA to visit this satellite and make more discoveries about the moon.


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