Black hole-world's greatest mysteries

Black hole–world’s greatest mysteries

Black hole, as the name suggests appears to be a very dark and gothic place. A black hole is a place in space where the gravitational pull is extremely strong that even light cannot escape from it. It pulls everything in its close vicinity, inside and does not let it escape the swirl. The gravity of a black hole is so strong because much energy is pulled into a tiny space. It also engulfs stars and mostly it happens when a star is dying. Continue reading “Black hole–world’s greatest mysteries”

Big Bang

Big Bang Theory – The Beginning of Everything

As being humans, we are always curious about our existence and how we originated. Medical science has answered the questions of the origin of human beings, yet now the question remains to how did our solar system came into existence, and how did this galaxy and later the entire universe’s existence becomes a question mark for anxious humans. Scientists have been devising theories to answer such questions. One of the most popular and widely acceptable phenomenon is that of a Big Bang. Continue reading “Big Bang Theory – The Beginning of Everything”

First Ever Image of a Black Hole Expected this Year

Black holes are known for the most dense and darkest object in the universe. Our galaxy the milky way is considered hosting a black hole called Sagittarius A* (A star) at the center. To the date, no one saw a black hole ever. Black holes are only detected if surrounding material is being absorbed by some invisible object. This process emits x-rays which helps scientist to predict there could be a black hole. Continue reading “First Ever Image of a Black Hole Expected this Year”