Black hole-world's greatest mysteries

Black hole, as the name suggests appears to be a very dark and gothic place. A black hole is a place in space where the gravitational pull is extremely strong that even light cannot escape from it. It pulls everything in its close vicinity, inside and does not let it escape the swirl. The gravity of a black hole is so strong because much energy is pulled into a tiny space. It also engulfs stars and mostly it happens when a star is dying.

Black holes are mysterious and ghosts of space, for no light can escape through a black hole, therefore, black holes become invisible and difficult to see without specially designed telescopes.

Black hole
Source: ESA advanced concepts team; S. Brunier /ESO

Black holes are of different sizes ranging from the size of an atom to the size of a mass equal to 4 million suns. The size of a black hole depends on the amount of mass within it. The largest black holes are called “Supermassive”. The supermassive black holes are found to exist at the center of each galaxy. The supermassive black hole at the center of Milky Way galaxy is called “Sagittarius A”.

Black holes are formed when huge stars collapse. Some scientists believe that black holes existed in this universe from the very beginning. When a star dies, a supernova is formed and pieces of that star are blasted into the space.

Since the black hole is BLACK, scientists know about it by observing the behavior of the motion of stars and gas surrounding the black hole. If the star is orbiting and empty space that means there is a black hole there, or if gas clouds stars to form a swirl or a whirl pool in empty space, it would be evident that a black hole is present at the center of it.

The need for studying about black holes is to find out whether this massive destroyer would eat up our Earth or just pass by it? Scientists at NASA claim that there is no big enough black hole near the solar system that could destroy our planet Earth, also, the mass of our sun is equivalent to that of a black hole and so it cannot eat up our sun and even if a black hole appears it would not be a threat to earth for earth and other planets along with their moons would orbit the black hole in the similar fashion as they orbit the sun.



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