Big Bang

As being humans, we are always curious about our existence and how we originated. Medical science has answered the questions of the origin of human beings, yet now the question remains to how did our solar system came into existence, and how did this galaxy and later the entire universe’s existence becomes a question mark for anxious humans. Scientists have been devising theories to answer such questions. One of the most popular and widely acceptable phenomenon is that of a Big Bang.

Where it Began?

Bing Bang - CosmosNo one really knows what was there before our universe and what was outside it. To know exactly what were the surroundings of our unborn universe, which at the beginning was considered to be a small ball of massive energy which was pure and very powerful, is nearly impossible for we, humans, are the creation of our universe and a part of it. It is simply not possible to know whether we were surrounded by neighboring universes or did our universe descend from some older universes? The question of the environment of our unborn universe remains a mystery till the present time.

The Big Bang Theory

Anyways, our discussion here is not finding about what surrounded our universe, rather, we are concerned about how our universe came into life? It is believed by various scientists that Big Bang is not the massive destruction of energy. Instead it is the inflation of our small mass of universe into a gigantic space as we know it today.

At first there was no light so through and ultra-vision we can presume that as the universe started to stretch to wide dimensions and diameters. The energy of that small early universe could have made it very hot. That energy started to cool down and as the energy cooled it converted into two elements, namely: matter and anti-matter. Both were the product of pure energy, hence they both could not survive together, thus they started to collide with one another. The idea of the early universe being hot was at first given by a German scientist, George Gamov who compared the early universe to an exploding atomic bomb. This was later termed as the Big Bang theory.

Creation of Everything

At the end of every collision only one of the elements remained and that was the matter. Which later caused us to exist along with our galaxy and solar systems. We are the creations from the massive hydrogen clouds that carried huge amounts of energy. After the birth of galaxies, it was assumed that each galaxy contained clouds of hydrogen and helium. These clouds combined to form the first star and later their combination formed several stars in the entire universe. These stars were the early sources of light and even today, stars are the origins of light. When these stars exploded, they released elements like oxygen and nitrogen into space, giving birth to planets like our Earth.

The universe is not static, it is moving at a much faster pace. All the surrounding galaxies to our Milky Way are moving farther apart from us at a rapid pace. This motion gave the clue to scientists about how the universe came into existence. The universe inflates like a balloon and every item: stars, galaxies, meteors, black holes, and every particle in it moves apart from each other, as air fills a balloon and moves its particles further away from one another.

The Big Bang theory provided answers to most of the human curiosities. But it also posed more questions and could not answer them satisfactorily.


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