In this era of technological advancement, where everything is progressing at a rapid pace. People are curious to know more about the world beyond this planet, Earth. The boundaries of the Earth seems to be quite low when it comes to the exploration of the universe. It’s human nature to be automatically attracted towards the realm of the unknown.

Falkiyat is the destination which most space lovers and adventure seekers might be looking for. Falkiyat will focus on the latest achievements, advancements and future missions being planned for space exploration. The main aim of Falkiyat is to bring into knowledge of the common man, the world beyond these skies, lands and oceans. The target of Falkiyat is to provide a platform for curious people who wonder about space, and its charm.

It is thought among most nations that space is a dull and ‘Boring subject to be discussed’ as they call it; yet Falkiyat intends to alter this notion among ordinary people and make them aware of their surroundings. This Earth in which we live today is not alone in this universe. We are surrounded by other planets and probably other creatures as well about whom we are unaware and are still in search of them. It is very important for our survival to know about our surroundings and the dangers and facilitations that we are to be conscious of.

Falkiyat is about taking into account all the efforts being made throughout the world in the field of space exploration. The specialty of Falkiyat is that it would not only be for the audience who can understand English language, but also for the people who speak Urdu. Hence, it’s a good news for the Urdu speakers that now Falkiyat would serve as a source of space knowledge for the Urdu speakers as well.

So, Falkiyat is the one stop to pause at to remain updated about the world surrounding our world which includes latest news about meteors, comets, planets, stars, galaxies, constellations, nebulas, black holes, space missions, discoveries and technological innovations in the field of space and science.